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 Please read this guidance before applying  

  **This application form is for Stockley Park October 2019 GSK STEM Insight Event ONLY**

**This event is for students aged 15-18 years old ONLY. Students must be aged 15 by the event start date**

--Please read this page fully before applying--

Applications and teachers’ references close at 23:59pm on 20th September 2019. We will also require a completed reference by then to review your application

Applications will be reviewed from week commencing 23rd Sep - please do not expect to hear news on your application until then.

**Important Information – please read**

You can read further information which explains what personal information we collect, how we obtain the information, how we use your personal information and on what basis, your rights to opt out, review, update or remove your information (and have your data withdrawn from our database), and who to contact should you wish to exercise such rights or if you have any queries here:

By continuing to complete this survey you are agreeing that you understand these conditions.

Please note:
Due to the nature of GSK's business, it is not possible to carry out ‘real’ work as part of the STEM Insight Experience at GSK. Our programmes consist of simulated exercises, tours and talks to provide an overview of what it’s like to work at GSK.

Application Advice and Tips:

- Type/copy your answers in a Word Document so that you can refer back, or if you lose your work as you are completing the application form
- We are looking for students who have a genuine interest in GSK and the work we do - make sure this comes across in your answers
- We also require a teacher's reference as part of your application - it will not be considered until we receive this - please ask your teacher to complete the separate survey

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